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Hi! My name is Sheraz Ali. I am a Technology Developer, Dancer, Musician and Explorer. I really can't explain of myself. Because I'm not a Limited. I'm the Unlimited Person! I don't care what other's doing! I do something Unique! Don't take me too serious, Keep smile and enjoy the Life!


I Love to do!

  • Animation & Games Development

    I Love to make amazing Games, I'm Learning the new features. Love to explore something new with new style!

  • Web & App Development

    I'm doing Web Development from very long time, I started first web When I was kid. I have do many projects for myself!

  • Artificial Intelligence

    I'm focusing on AI. That's more powerful and More helpful. I'm Developing many projects with AI.

  • Dancer

    I Love to dance, and I'm the very Good Dancer

  • Musician

    I also make Music. I mostly Use FL Studio for best made!

  • Director & Editor

    As a Director, I'm currently working on Own Studio as a Founder and Managing the Scene!

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